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Persecution and Victimhood are Different Things, Gang.

The bogus and creative reclassification of Christianity as a persecuted body on the run in America is goofy, and wrong, and infuriating, and absurd. This isn’t debatable, as far as I’m concerned.

For those of us who might’ve missed SNL this week: click play.

This is a spot-on riff on the trailer for “God’s Not Dead 2,” which, in its glib tone and bizarre sense of confidence, comes off as a parody all its own…but it’s not. And Pat Boone is now leading a rallying cry that SNL’s parody is offensive to everybody: Jews, Christians, homosexuals…yes, Pat Boone is calling out a perceived slight to the gay community. That is pretty much the elusive unicorn of mock outrage, right there.

I’m sick of outrage culture, that every self-ascribed categorization is subject to a sense of righteous indignation and bullied victimhood. As George Carlin put it: either everything is funny, or nothing is.

If our beliefs aren’t strong enough to stand against satire and parody of their exaggerated, most-questionable aspects–well, that’s a problem with the belief structure, not the comedy at hand.

…You know, “God’s Not Dead 2” went into wide release on April 1. Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves.