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Culture, Comandeered

Yesterday, George Takei brought to attention a whole new series of anti-gay propaganda in comic book form, created by a hyper-conservative evangelical sect. It attempts to appear couched and nuanced, but it’s not. This is hate, packaged in an attractive and palatable form.

And of course, Christianity is cited in the above article as the source of this hate. “Why do they have to label Christians like this?” a friend asked this morning.

Well, the dirty truth of it is that those of us who want more from our faith than hatred are getting our butts kicked by louder, more hateful voices, who are willing to fight dirtier and better with marketing and the adoption of cultural tropes and trends.

The time is long behind us when simply being good Christians was enough of an example to quell this sort of disastrous rhetoric.

We have to get better at this game, and soon. I won’t let my faith be used this way. I won’t let my comics be used this way either.