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The lessons of trolls.

  1. Just because you could do something, doesn’t mean you should.

The aggressor from several posts ago has a few friends who like to get frisky and violent with their language. It’s caught in the spam filters of the comment section here, but it’s still shocking stuff that will find its use somewhere, someday, in art or conversation.

On Facebook, several of us started a thread talking about this, a few of whom know/remember the person in question. Ultimately, the only way to deal with a troll is to ignore them; there are tools at play here to disenfranchise, damage, limit, and “doxx” this person; there are tools that protect me and my family from these threats. I’ve employed the latter and I’m not doing anything regarding the former. As one friend of mine from the drama camp almost two decades ago posited, the aggressor in question blogs enough about her unhappiness and the limitations of her life. There’s nothing I could do that would add a level of anything meaningful to that.

Ultimately, this was a good lesson for me in what happens when disenfranchisement and too much free time mix. It turns the internet into a weaponized form of mental illness. I hope to never have the time or means for that to come into play.

The biggest surprise for me is that a few of these toxic and sad people can’t help but keep lobbing what they view as insults. And it just doesn’t affect me, but it provides a lot of insight into the kind of people they are, what abuse they’ve suffered, and what hurts them.