Why Smug Christian Navelgazing Pisses Me Off.


I took a break for a while because I had no interest in the Kim Davis quagmire that seems to have overtaken every erg of contemporary Christian thought. I’m calling an end to that, so I’m back.

I’m coming up on a big anniversary this Sunday, and I’ll write more about it then; I also plan on writing daily or close to daily from there on out (we’ll see how that goes).

Meanwhile, I find myself soaking in the odd jargon of being an Episcopalian, and the general–I wish there was a better word for this–smugness of a certain type of Christian on the internet. More than occasionally,  I come across a piece of writing that earns accolades from people I respect, but I just don’t get it. Here’s an example. “Early Warning Signs of Adult-Onset Calvinism.” I get the intellectual leanings of the piece. I also get why and when it’s trying to be funny. But it’s also just lazy bunk, through and through. There’s something off-putting about this sort of writing and its proliferation, as if it’s meant to show off a cheeky sort of elitism about our faith. It makes me sad and it pisses me off.

Maybe if it were funnier, I’d let it go, but it’s not. The point of all of this is that optimism has to be cool again, and this flies in the face of that.

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