A Big Week.

A lot has happened in the last ten days or so.

Maybe that’s more than a week. It feels like eleven and a half years, it’s been so chock-full of stuff. A lot can change in a week.

On Friday, June 26, my gay brothers and sisters had our right to proclaim and honor our love for one another sanctified by the highest order in the land.

On Wednesday, July 1, my church, The Episcopal Church, voted to offer a marriage rite for us, so that when I find someone foolish enough to consider marrying me, we may do it proudly in the church I’ve come to love.

Have faith. Speak faithfully. Love unapologetically. Remember that delays are not denials. And love always wins in the end.

It must really stink to be on the opposing side of love. It’s like that team that plays the Globetrotters. No chance.

Love wins.

It’s important for me to start that way, because personally, something big happened in the middle of that; The Guardian published a piece by me, on converting to Christianity in my early thirties–as a gay, open-minded, reasonably liberal guy who is trying his hardest to reconcile that big C-word with the other parts of himself. It got a bit of a response–from my friends, from my colleagues, from strangers–and if you want to both laugh and cry, check out the comments on the article.

This is a big part of my life–my faith and my sexual orientation. The former is brand-spanking-new (I was baptized and confirmed in October 2014), and the latter I’ve had some time to get used to (gay since…well, 1982/birth, most likely, but out since 1999).

Here is where I’m going to talk about these and other aspects of my life, and how they all bang against one another like angry and articulate pinballs. Sometimes, my writing elsewhere will be informed by and inform this work; I’m hoping to write more for The Guardian and other publications.

Like I said, it’s been a big week-plus, and there’s a lot to say and do and talk about and bounce off.

We haven’t even mentioned what happened this morning with The Huffington Post, which was a roller coaster ride of YEAH-no!-YES-WOMPWOMP-hey!-AWWWWW.

But that’s for another time.

To be continued,


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